Aug 27, 2010

Philadelphia trip, October 2009

From October 15 to the 24,  2009 Jack and I were in Philadelphia for the first time in about 15 years.  At the beginning of our trip there was an opening reception at The University of The Arts' Mednick Gallery for my show, Flora: Selections From The Past 30 Years.  That day I also gave a talk on my work at the school.  At the end of the trip there was a reception at The Philadelphia Museum of Art for a show I was in there, Common Ground: Eight Philadelphia Photographers in the 1960s and 1970s.  In between, as well as getting reacquainted with the city, there were many wonderful visits and reunions with old friends.  Melissa Stafford of the Carrie Haddad Gallery here in Hudson was in Philadelphia with us. We all stayed with Richard Kagan.  Being somewhat overwhelmed by the trip -- our first in many years -- and all the hoopla that went with it I didn't take a camera with me so the pictures here are all due to the kindness of friends.

After my lecture.  L to R and back to front:  David Graham, Don Camera, Alida Fish, Jeanie Pearce, Judy Harold Steinhouser, Richard Kagan, George Krause, Jack Potter, David Lebe, Tom Porett.                                                           Photo: Harris Fogel

Peter Pose, me, Jonathan Stein                                    Photo: Sara VanKeuren

me and Tom Porett                                                      Photo: Sara VanKeuren

Richard's assistant John, Randy Plummer, me             Photo: Sara VanKeuren

me, Jack, Paul Cava, Randy Plummer in hallway          Photo: Sara VanKeuren

holding forth                                                                  Photo: Sara VanKeuren

Jack, Paul Cava, Harris Fogel                                       Photo: Sara VanKeuren

me, Martin McNamara, Richard Kagan, Jack              Photo: Sara VanKeuren

David Graham, Denise Avayou                                     Photo: Sara VanKeuren

Richard Kagan, me, Peter Barberie (curator of photograph at PMA), Paul Cava seated - Photo: Sara VanKeuren

Susan Welchman, me, Jack, Richard in background - UArts alumni Silver Star Awards reception-dinner - Photo: Harris Fogel

George Krause and Susan Welchman                                  Photo: Harris Fogel

UArts president Sean Buffington, me                                 Photo: Harris Fogel

Visit with Jerry Goodman                                                                                                                         Photo: Richard Kagan

Jack, Richard and me                    Photo: Melissa Stafford

me, Richard and Jack                                                    Photo: Melissa Stafford

I took this picture of Richard with Melissa's camera

                                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Richard Kagan

Jack and me viewing the show         Photo: Richard Kagan

                                                                                         Photo: Richard Kagan

                                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Richard Kagan

                                                                                         Photo: Richard Kagan

                                                                                                                  Photo: Richard Kagan

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