Jan 29, 2011

City & Country Then: Lisle's Album

Here are more pictures from City & Country School -- my grade school.  These pictures are from my classmate Lisle Kulbach's collection.  I scanned and restored them much like the ones from my collection.

The pictures come from two albums.  Album One is Lisle's album from the time she was a child and Album Two she discovered after her mother's death.

Album One:

The first six pictures have always been in Lisle's collection as far back as she can remember.

The graduation pictures were all given to Lisle by Karen Gillmor.  The whole group was sent to her in the mail, just when exactly she can't remember.

The other pictures in Album One (except Lisle's portrait) come from Sylvia Miller's memorial service in 2008, where a pile of prints had been left out for people to take home.  They are pictures of our teachers and other images that represent C&C life as Lisle remembers it.


Johnny - June 1, 1961

George, Greg, Johnny - June 1, 1961

Kim - June 1, 1961

Debbie - 1961 or 62
Jane and Martha

Jane and Lisle - June 1961


Graduation Ceremony 

Karen and Lisle


Watching the photographing from the fire escape
Fern's Husband?, Fern Cohen, XIII's teacher, Cynthia Beer, Xs and XIIs teacher

L to R: Denise, Mary Card (former XIIIs teacher), Danny, Robert, Sibil Totah, Johnny, Georgie Birch

After the graduation ceremony many of our teachers gathered in the library where food had been laid out.  Much of the  food seemed like odd choices, even for 1962, a time before America had became food conscious.  It was just a year since Julia Child had publish her first cook book and a year before her television show would air.  Somehow even with our 50s sensibilities we knew that cellophane wrapped Devil Dogs were not quite the right touch for such an occasion.  Comments were made and our teachers started to make scatological or perhaps suggestively sexually jokes about the food.  In this photo you see Sybil holding up a devil Dog.  This joking crossed a line that would never have been crossed when we were still students -- mere minutes before.  We found it all incredibly hilarious as can be seen in the photo.  I think I felt a real shift in my place in the world happen, this, for me, was perhaps the real graduation ceremony. (DL)


L to R: Janet, Karen, Lisle, Johnny

L to R: Danny, Janie, David, Debbie

L to R: Karen, Johnny, Janie, David

L to R: Ronnie McLeod (art teacher), Lyndal Brandeis (teacher), Jean Murray (principal), Johanan Kulbach (Lisle's mother, recorder teacher), Mrs. Dressner (Robert's mother), Casey Allen (Kim's father)


Lisle at 17, 1966
Taken for the New Lincoln yearbook by Lisle's aunt, Heka Davis


Below are the pictures Lisle brought home from Sylvia Miller's memorial service in 2008.  Some of the pictures were identified or partially identified on their backs, though not all were clearly legible.

Jean Murray, principal, Ronnie McLeod, art teacher - 1964

Ronnie McLeod, art teacher - 1964

Georgie Birch, XIs teacher

Jon Verbalis, Music teacher - 1973-4
Jon became music teacher years after we left but became a good friend of Lisle and her mother

Rocking Chair

Rhythms - XIs 1961 (?)

Block project - VIIs, 1965 (?)

BK 1965 (?) 


George, Debbie, Robert(?), (?), Janet, Kim(?), Lisle, Karen - lXs, 1957

Lisle, Karen

Lisle, George, Robert, Oliver - Xs, 1957

Oliver, (?), George, Lisle, Greg, Mark(?) - Xs, Medieval play, 1958

Lisle, Debbie, Diane, Janet George - Xs, Medieval play, 1958

Lisle, Cara - Cortez play, Xls, 1959

Lisle and Janet in front of Janet's house on 13th St btw 6 & 7 Aves - 1960 (?)

Johnny - 1961

Chris Hayes ('61), Peter Gilbert ('61) - Field Day, 1961

Toby Bergman ('61), Chris Hayes ('61), Peter Gilbert ('61) - Field Day, 1961

Marc Geltman ('61) - Field Day, 1961

Peter Gilbert ('61),

Danny, Lisle, Diane - X11s, 1961

Danny, Lisle - Xlls, 1961

Cynthia Beer, Lisle - Xlls, 1961

Lisle as Pan, Cara - Greek play, Xlls, 1961

Lisle - Xlls, 1961

Janet, Cara, Janie, Martha, Jill, Lisle. Danny,George - Xlls with the IVs, 1961

Danny, Michael, Cara,Lisle, Robert, Debbie, Oliver - Xllls, Rehearsal for graduation play, 1962

Debbie, Cara, Janet, Danny, Robert, (?), Jill, Johnny, Greg, Martha, Karen, Kim, Jane, Janie, Denise, Oliver - Xllls, Rehearsal for graduation, 1962


  1. Wow.... This is such a treat to see. I attended C&C from 1986-1998. I remember Roni and Mrs. Kulbach (the only teacher to go by surname in the place!) and Cynthia Beer! Thanks for posting these.

  2. Hi, I attended to C&C from '72 to '82, and my kids are now in the Xs and XIIs. I was googling the names of some of my old teachers and stumbled on your blog entry. Fantastic photos! Both Lisle and Sylvia's. I was at Sylvia's memorial and wish now that I had taken a few of the unclaimed photos.
    I would love to send the link to your page to C&C's archivist. Would you mind?
    Charlotte Davidson thischarlotte@gmail.com