May 19, 2012

City & Country 50th Anniversery weekend

On Friday, May 11th Jack and I took the train to New York and went down to the school, where the annual fair was underway.  It was the first time I had been there in 49 years.  Just inside the door we met up with Lisle and her photographer friend from Germany, Anja Nitz.  Then we found Kim, Debbie, Janet and her husband, Harry in the block yard.  We fled the yard, where ear splitting music was blasting, and went to the Library, where we were soon joined by John and his wife, Louise.  I only took pictures sporadically; at dinner Friday at Cafe Blossom on Carmine Street where we walked after leaving the school, and on Saturday in Brooklyn, at lunch, then at a Keith Haring show at the Brooklyn Museum and in the subway.  I regret I didn't take any pictures at John and Louise's delightfully tranquil place in Crown Hts., a true respite from the city, or at Kim's sister's lovely spacious apartment, where we all met for dinner hosted by Kim and Kerry on Saturday.  Some of the pictures below were taken by Louise and some by Anja with my camera.

At Cafe Blossom on Carmine Street.    Photo:Anja Nitz

Left front around to right bottom: Jack, David, Debbie, Janet, Harry, Kim, John, Lisle, Louise

 Photo:Louise Kurshan

David.    Photo:Louise Kushan

Kim, John, Lisle, Louise.    Photo:Anja Nitz

Anja and Lisle

Anja and Lisle

Debbie and Janet

Debbie, Janet, Harry



Kim and John

Waiting for a table at Siggy's in Brooklyn Hts, Lisle, Jack, Louise, John

Jack and David on the subway.    Photo:John Dewind

John in elevator at the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum, Keith Haring show

David and Jack at the Brooklyn Museum, Keith Haring show

Lisle, on the way to dinner at Kerry's apartment

John and Louise, on the way to dinner at Kerry's apartment

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